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A Little Life Update!

So if you follow me on instagram (@KatieKlairety) you’ll have noticed that I have been developing a little human inside my body for the last eight months. Ironically, about a week before I discovered what my body was doing, my plan was to be more active on social media, but specifically on this platform... However, life has been pretty crazy since December 23, 2022 when our little angel baby rocked our world in the best way!

In a busy work season prepping for Christmas, I was hit with exhaustion unlike I had ever known before. I have a terrible sleep schedule, so I didn’t think much of it and just assumed I was tired from work. The week leading up to Christmas was busy, and I was going X-games mode on how much coffee I was consuming. During this hectic week I noticed that my menstrual cycle was late. It’s not uncommon for me to be a couple of days late, but by the time Christmas Eve Eve (or Christmas Adam) rolled around I was about 5 days late… this is when I became a little skeptical. I worked all day at the Christmas Eve Eve service, and then my husband and I went home for dinner. After dinner, I needed to use the restroom. I decided to randomly take a pregnancy test, not thinking anything of it, but simply thought "What the heck. Might as well, whatever." As soon as I dipped the stick into the cup, 2 lines appeared immediately. I was in complete shock.

I seriously was not expecting that as a result, so I wasn’t recording anything and I didn’t have anything cute planned to share with my husband. I genuinely was not expecting anything to happen. Still in complete shock, I walked in the living room with my jaw wide open, words still could not form at this point, and I could only motion for Seth to follow me. He followed me into the bathroom, where I pointed to the stick - my jaw still wide open. Seth was so cute when he realized we had a little baby coming and he lit up with excitement right away!! (Again, I wish I had all of these recorded because I play them in my mind over & over, but at the time I was still in absolute shock!)

It was a little early for us to share the news, but two days before Christmas, how could we be surrounded by family and not share one of the best Christmas gifts of all time?! We ran to the store that night, and grabbed two digital tests to share with our parents and immediate family that a new grand baby would be joining the family August 2023!

Thankfully we did record those reactions! Click the link below to see our close family & friends reactions to the sweetest gift. Can't wait to catch everyone up & share more of our pregnancy journey soon!

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