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We Bought a House!

Part 1: The year was 2021...

What a crazy journey this has been to find our home!

When we first got married, we lived in an apartment. We liked our place and were getting ready to renew our lease for another year. However, at the end of August/early September of 2021, we noticed that our apartment seemed to have moisture everywhere. Our carpet, furniture, and our clothes felt damp. Then we saw a drip in our shower that was causing our bathtub to get this yellow stain that seemed almost impossible to get completely clean. (I felt like I was failing at creating a home for our family because I couldn’t keep everything clean.) It turned out to be an issue with the apartment maintenance team, who was supposed to change the air filter and never did our first year living there, so the water backed up and caused the drip and moisture in the air. That issue then expanded to developing mildew/mold on our walls, ceiling, some furniture, our clothes while also attracting these tiny bugs on the walls and furniture. It was disgusting. It took forever for the apartment to get anything done for us. We called, visited the office throughout the entire month of September. On September 27th, I told the apartment that we were not living there until the issues were resolved.

At this time, we didn’t think we would be able to buy a house, so we tried to work with our apartment complex to fix the problem. We had our first anniversary trip already planned, so when we got back, we worked with the complex to see if we could get a new apartment unit. The one we looked at moving to would not be ready until November 12th. There was a lot of back and forth between us and the apartment, but basically, there was a lot of shadiness that we learned from them during this process that we got so fed up with it all that we told them we were moving out in 24 hours.

We set up a plan, a budget, got a realtor, and started looking for houses at the beginning of November. (At this time, we had lived with my parents since the end of September.) The market was insane (and is even more now)! We looked at different primary cities around our central area of living, placed an offer on five houses, and got bid-out every single time. Being filled with hope when we would find a home, only to be rejected, was becoming very discouraging.

One evening Seth went to work, searched the internet, and sent me 5 new housing options for us. One of them was the house we purchased!

Not only were we able to secure the purchase, but we were able to get about $30k off the original asking price, and our payment for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house is a little less than what we could get for a 2 bedroom apartment!

Looking back, I am so thankful for this crazy journey. I am so blessed to be married to my husband who leads our family. The Lord is so good! He is so faithful!

I have been private, and very busy, for such a long time, but I plan to change all of that!

Stay tuned for what happened exactly one year later after we moved into our new house...

Xoxo & Cheers with Coffee,


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