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Planning a wedding can be very challenging. It is easy for brides to get swept away in the unending “to-do lists” to create the day they have been dreaming about since they were a little girl. I was no different. All 0f my life, everyone always assumed that I would most likely be a “bridezilla” since I have always fantasized and dreamed about my wedding. I’m pretty sure I was able to prove everyone wrong, including myself, that I was not a bridezilla during the wedding planning season. I discovered that the secret to having the best wedding ever is to...

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

At the end of the wedding, you will be married, and the wedding will be over. Everything could go wrong, or everything can be perfect. Either way, you will still get the same result of being married to your person, the love of your life. I was able to dodge many stressful moments by having the mindset throughout the whole experience that the wedding is more about the marriage than it is that one day. This mindset is the best way to have a beautiful and stress-free wedding-planning/wedding experience. If you want a wedding more than you want a marriage, the wedding will not be as good. Focus on your person, if they are your person, they will focus on you, too, and the process is much more seamless. By focusing on your marriage while planning a wedding, that is keeping your mind on the results. You, and your spouse, are the star of the show! Don’t give credit to the details. If you focus too much on details, the main event won’t be as grand. The details are details for a reason. They are supposed to complement and add to the main event, not take away from it. By keeping this attitude throughout the planning process will only highlight and accentuate the union at the wedding.

Everyone has their unique style and their vision for their wedding. Here are some tips and tricks I listed that I used during my wedding planning process! Our wedding was beautiful, and this is how I did it!

Budgeting is a huge factor for weddings. Discuss your budget, set it, and organize it. Do your best to fit in a planner to help organize your day. I used Brittany Smith at Blissful Weddings & Events, and she is incredible! She offered the best services that fit within our budget, was so sweet, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond with her team throughout the entire wedding planning process. On the day of the wedding, she made my dreams come to life with the most beautiful arrangements of the decor I had put together. She even designed an arrangement that was far better than what I originally had in mind. (no.2 & 6)

When choosing your wedding party, you want those in your life who have been there for a while. You know they are not going anywhere, and they put you above themself - at least during this time. Therefore, your wedding party should primarily be family or those who are like family. My entire bridal party was family and then my college roommate/best friend. These were women that would say “yes” to everything I needed/wanted and always put me first during this time. In doing so, this helped life be stress-free and fun during a busy season. (I talk more about this in my last blog, “Wedding Planning! 2020 Edition.”)

Along with this, when deciding what everyone was going to wear, I strayed away from colors. I always stick with a neutral color-palette anyway, but I wanted a color that would be timeless, elegant, and everyone could pull-off. I went with grey, light and dark, to accommodate skin-tones, and I also let my girls pick the dress they wanted. I decided the length, the dress material and got the final say; however, they decided what neckline, waist, details for personal style, and their budget for their bridesmaid’s dress. It also helped that these were women who truly knew me and wanted the absolute best for me. Again, you want those who care for you more than themselves - at least at this time. (no. 3-4)

Finally, if the budget allows it, you want to hire other vendors who know what to do, are highly recommended, and match your vision for your day. They are out there! If the budget does not allow it, that is okay. There are many DIY tutorials that can be used instead of hiring someone. If there is room in the budget, choose what vendors are most important to you and splurge a little in that area. By hiring great vendors, you won’t have to be as hands-on, and the day won’t be (as) stressful.

If your budget does not allow for specific details you might want that is okay! Go back to the first rule! Focus on the marriage, NOT the wedding! Manage your budget well, and don’t go into debt. There are ways around this. Get creative and tone things down a little. You can still create a beautiful wedding on a small budget. If your focus is on your spouse and your marriage and not the wedding, everything will fall into place. Like I said, either way, you will get the same outcome! (no. 5-6)

The list of tips!

  1. The first thing is to keep your mind on your marriage.

  2. Manage the wedding budget to get a planner.

  3. Choose people who care more about you than they do themselves to be part of your day.

  4. Use the things you like that will also be easy for everyone. (It’s easier & helps guard you against becoming a bridezilla.)

  5. Hire other recommendable vendors that know what to do to make your day seamless.

  6. Be organized & specific to what you want, but trust the vendors if they have something better - they’ve been doing this longer than you have.

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