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The Proposal

Honestly, I was pretty sure it was coming. (I’m kinda glad I knew, so that I could plan my outfit accordingly!) We had been talking about marriage and looking at rings since August of 2019. The biggest tip was the day before Seth asked me if my nails were how I liked them or if I needed to get them done. (LOL!) I frantically started calling every nail salon around us, but in the middle of a pandemic nothing was open at that time. Thankfully, my best friend has a gel nail kit, which got the job done to satisfaction!

The next day I woke up, made some coffee, and did my nails. Then I started to get ready for what I anticipated as the biggest day of my life at that point. Little did I know, Seth had a harder start to his day than I did. He woke up, planning on meeting with my dad earlier to ask for permission, but his truck would not start. Once he got his truck fixed, he called my dad who was just about to leave the house to run some errands. At this time, my mom and I were on our way home from lunch, but she took a detour to distract me from the meeting between Seth and my dad. Once I got home, Seth was there and we were waiting on our friend, and photographer/videographer, to go out and try various coffee shops!

Since I had been wanting to take pictures to document trying different coffee shops, I didn’t think anything of it at this point. Then with Seth’s truck messing up that morning, our friend being scheduled for work incorrectly, and making our meeting time later than planned, I honestly began to doubt that it would happen because so many things were going wrong.

We started at our local Starbucks as a way of “pregaming” before going to other coffee shops in the Rockwall area. (We initially planned on going to Dallas coffee shops, but the restrictions due to the pandemic were too hard at that point.) Once we got to Rockwall, we went to one of our favorite coffee shops, the Book Club Cafe. Then we traveled to a different area in Wylie to a coffee shop none of us had ever been to before! The Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee and Country Store had a little coffee shop inside this little store that had so many cool and interesting products! Once we got our coffee, we headed to the pier at the Rockwall Harbor to watch the sunset while drinking our coffee.

You know how there was a trend of things not going as planned? Well, although the coffee I had at the last coffee shop was delicious, it was so sweet that it started to make me feel ill. Once we got to the harbor, I began to feel better. However, Seth had not had a chance to eat at all that day! We got to the harbor and he had a snack of Cold Stone while we walked around and sat looking at the sunset. Our friend called us over to take pictures in front of the fountain in a cool little spot with the beautiful sunset peaking through. During this time, I practiced a couple of poses while Seth “was getting something our friend, Caleb, needed for his camera.” When I turned around Seth was on one knee with a beautiful diamond inside a silver box.

Although I had a pretty good idea that it was coming, nothing can truly prepare you for that moment. My heart, being overwhelmed with joy, jumped a little and tears began to flow. I remember thinking, “Stop doing that. Focus on what he’s saying, so you can remember this moment!” All I can remember is Seth mentioning how the day wasn’t as planned, just like life never goes quite as planned, but it was perfect because we were together and that’s how he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

The day was truly perfect in our eyes. Our friend did a beautiful job on the pictures and video. We had so much fun that day and made wonderful memories throughout the day that will last a lifetime. Due to the pandemic, there were various things that caused glitches in the day. For instance, this was Seth’s second idea for a proposal, but couldn’t because COVID would not permit it at the time. We had planned on visiting various coffee shops before, so Seth used this memorable experience to make the day even better! Then, due to the pandemic, we were going to go to Dallas coffee shops, but the restrictions weren’t as high in Rockwall so we went there instead. However, just like Seth said in the proposal, throughout everything we were together and that’s all that mattered. So thankful that this is our permanent arrangement now, pandemic or ot, whatever life may throw at us! Thank you Lord for these blessings!

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